Small Business Website Design Services

It’s more common for businesses to have websites than it is not to. As a result of this, consumers are generally turned off by companies that don’t have a web presence.

At McMahon Technology Services, we'll work with you to design a customized website that is easy to navigate and showcases the unique attributes of your small business. We'll also help you get your business set up with a professional email address instead of using a generic or address. After your website has been published, we'll continue to support your website with continued edits and updates.

Located in Youngstown, Ohio, the People's Chapel Church of God has been serving the community for more than 35 years. To help expand their message, they reached out to McMahon Technology Services to have their website designed.

This custom website includes embedded videos from YouTube, a calendar of events page, and a custom donation page.

Click the link below to visit the People's Chapel Church of God website